About Small Stony Notes and Jottings

Couplets August/September 2013

I shall try to write a couplet each day for the next four weeks as a winter project.

International Flash Fiction Day June 22nd 2013

In late May and Early June I shall be preparing flash fiction for International Flash Fiction Day. I shall post my entry for FlashMob 2013 on this blog.

People May 2013

My project for May is to collect phrases noted while watching strangers in order to write a short poem in the last week of the month. (This project has been extended owing to pressure from competition deadlines)

Restricted Vocabulary Exercise Feb 2013

My August 2012 project included a restricted vocabulary exercise. My project for February 2013 is to write at least one poem around the topic of “City”, using restricted vocabulary from three different poems.

A River of Stones Jan 2013

My project for January, 2013 is to repeat the “River of Stones”project of last January.

Jan '13 Mindful Writing Challenge

Virtual Field Trip

The October project is to complete a virtual field trip. I visited a small glass factory recently, and collected a series of digital images. I will write at least one sentence for each image.


My August project is to use a variety of set exercises to create a new piece of work each week based around the same subject matter, namely the coastal scenery of Whangarei district.


My July project is to write at least one piece in the style of a haiku every other day.

I will use the three line structure of argument, counter argument and resolution. I will not tie myself rigourously to the syllable structure for this project.

Flash Fiction

My June project is to write at least one flash fiction piece each week during the month, and describe its source(s). My aim will be to complete pieces of approx 250 words.

Some guidelines to writing flash fiction can be found here, at the UK Guardian newspaper site. Their competition was for flash fiction with a word limit of 150 words.

The UK Telegraph newspaper held a mini-saga competition about 20 years ago for mini-sagas of exactly 50 words. The original was won by the exemplery “The Postcard”.


My April project is to create a small stone every day. Instead of detailing realities, I have chosen to write about imaginary, or unreal, subjects.

A River of Stones Jan 2012

Every so often, serendipity takes a hand and something worth doing falls out of the sky. Small Stony Notes and Jottings has been built to celebrate “A River of Stones”, which I came across by accident, following links I found while browsing the “> Language > Place” blog carnival.

a river of stones Jan '12

I had been working on some daily notes for my own blog “Poetry Notes and Jottings” already. A River of Stones gives me a purpose for giving these notes greater visibility.


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